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Other Programs

  • Many programs sponsored by The City of New York and other organizations are supported by BSFHC. Please be sure to stop by the Center at 1456 Fulton Street to find out what is going on.
  • BSFHC offers workshops and classes on a regular basis. We will post the schedule of these events within the CALENDAR section of this website. Click the calendar to see our current programs, and print out a copy for easy reference.
  • Help for the family? Often these programs and workshops include family members. We encourage all patients to bring along their friends and family ... and get everybody healthy!

Special Programs

Find out about FREE PROGRAMS designed to help you get and stay healthy. Our Special Programs are designed to give you FREE screenings, diagnostic tests and health education. Please review the list, and contact us if you have any questions. We have a lot of free literature for you to read about a variety of health issues. Please visit the center in Brooklyn and pick up your pamphlets today!

(Print this list)


Category Special Program Info

Community Outreach

Consult Educators
Speakers and Educators are available to speak on health issues at your location. Open every day the center is open.


FREE Pre-conception family planning
Discuss your options with a professional


HIV/AIDS: Before and after diagnosis
Talk to someone regarding your test results


Asthma Education and Treatment
Learn more about asthma for adults and children.


Open every day the center is open

General Interest

Insurance - paperwork assistance
Visit our on-site insurance specialist


Wellness Program
Information, counseling and treatment for diseases

Health Information

Health Information
New Website and Data Management system is helping patients to figure out everything about Health Care System.


Cancer Screenings
FREE Cancer Screenings for all residents - including those without insurance


Colorectal Cancer Screening
Open every day the center is open


HIV/AIDS Screening
Get checked - for yourself and your partner


Hypertension Screening (High Blood Pressure)
Get checked. It is easy and free!


Immunizations and Vaccines
Learn about staying healthy


Pregnancy Testing
Privacy assured.


Prostate Cancer Screening
FREE Cancer Screening

Social Work

Social Work
Social Work special programs

Women's Health

Healthy Families Successful Start
Open every day the center is open


Infant Mortality Reduction
Infant Mortality Reduction Initiatives: headline


Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative
Health education for mothers and babies


Medicaid Prenatal Care Program
Provides support before, during and after your pregnancy


Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
A Special Supplemental Nutrition Program

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